Art & Identity in New Orleans

HNRS 109 Spring '18

The Uniqueness of New Orleans Cemeteries


Tombs_at_Lafayette_Cemetery_No_1_Garden_District_New_Orleans_16Different cultures have various means to honor the dead and lay their bodies to rest. In Bali, dead bodies are disposed of through fire burials; in Egypt, bodies are disposed of in tombs; and in many Western cultures, the deceased are either cremated or buried in cemeteries. Most cemeteries are similar in appearance; however, those present throughout New Orleans break the typical mold. Due to the below-sea-level status of the city, mausoleums in this area have a unique appearance. Tombs are built above ground, showcasing various forms of artwork such as sculptures. These forms of art are so unique, the cemeteries draw tourists from all around the world.

Follow this link or this link to explore New Orleans’ “Cities of the Dead.”

And you can go here to take a look at burial ceremonies from around the world.

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